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The Courage of Her Convictions

Edwin Dickinson, Janice Biala, Biala

Biala: Vision and Memory, a recently opened retrospective exhibition at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum at Queens College, showcases the work of an independent-minded artist whose subtly colored figurative compositions have the courage of her convictions.

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Hurly-burly Intimism: The Art of Janice Biala

Janice Biala, Biala, college, Mario Naves, Tibor de Nagy

Biala didn’t yield to abstraction. Things in the world–concrete objects we hold, traverse or trip over–were her art’s impetus and end-point. The ages old endeavor of working from life puts Biala’s achievement at odds with prevailing notions of avant-gardism, of forward momentum and innovation.

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Bohemian Rhapsody: Paintings by Janice Biala

Janice Biala, The New York Sun, Biala, John Goodrich, Tibor de Nagy Gallery

One of the tangential intrigues of art is the Bohemian lifestyle that often attends it — that liberated, marginal existence that feeds upon and nourishes creative intensity. The painter Janice Biala (1903–2000) lived such a life and lived it to the very fullest.

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